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Loving what I do!


Hello,I'm BJ(for short) and I'm pretty smart and cute
so I'll try not let it go to my head.
Yes I know that I'm a dog, but my mom
says I'm almost human. I have to sleep
under the covers,don't worry you don't
have to tuck me in I can do that.
I always sleep in the bed.
I also sit in the chair or on the couch.
I don't believe people actually expect
ME to be on the floor, who's tail are you pulling?
My mom and dad are great, they let me sit
anywhere I want, usually it is curled up with mom
and my sister is close by too. Sometimes closer
than what I want her to be!
I do lots of tricks, anything for those special treats.
I have now started going to the nursing home
I'm what they call a Therapy Dog.
I wear a red bandanna and footies,
actually I quite wearing the footies,
the floor was to slick and I didn't want to look silly.
I have a good time there, because the residents
love to see me and want me to do tricks.
That means more treats!
I shed a lot and you really need lots
of love for my breed to be an inside pet.
My family has the love I need.
I will be 7 years old Aug.13th, and I
weigh 58 lbs., that is only 8lbs. over my
girlish figure. I get plenty of exercise
believe you me, with Zoie around it is like
a circus when she wants to play.She will
take her toy and hit me until I chase
her to get it, then since she is smaller,
she will get in places I can't and tease me.
By the way I'm lying in bed telling mom
what to write. No I'm not under the covers
I'm on the pillow.How could I keep my eye on mom
and make sure she types what I tell her to? I'm a good dog and I'm good with children.
My mom says I mind better than some kids!!
I also understand a lot of words and don't
say bye, because I love to ride.I will sit up
in the seat and wear a seat belt if I have to.
I travel well, but I do like to sit by the window.
Soon I hope to put up pictures of the residents
at the nursing home. Then you will see why
I love to go visit.
I hope to have more soon.
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